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Gambling affects your brain just like a drug, and it's crucial to be ever-vigilant of your relationship with it. Psychology of Gambling, Betting & Casino | TheCasinoDB Why do humans gamble? We take a look into the inner workings of the human mind when it comes to the Psychology of Gambling and what drives us to do it.

This is partly because, like with many drug addictions, gambling is an addiction that feeds on itself. Addicts seek to solve the problems caused by their gambling with more gambling, feeling sure that a big win is just around the corner. 9. Feeling incapable of controlling their behavior despite wanting to. Gambling Addiction Runs in Families - Private Drug Rehab ... Gambling addiction is a serious problem and an example of a behavioral addiction. Although gambling addicts don’t abuse a chemical substance, like a drug addict does, they experience many of the symptoms of addiction. The Surprising Similarities Between Gambling and Sex ... Behavioral Addictions. Like a drug addiction, the behavioral addict cannot control the impulse to keep doing it. Like a chemical addiction, the abuser feels compelled to engage in the behavior, gets pleasure from it, suffers negative consequences and acts in a manner that is out of control. Like a drug addict, a sex or gambling addict may want to stop, but can’t. Biological Basis for Problem Gambling | Gambling Recovery .org

Gambling addicts have ‘WEAKER’ brains – just like alcoholics and drug addicts, scientists discover. The connections in the brain that control our impulses may be weaker in people with gambling addictions, the team at Imperial College London found. Their findings provides vital clues into the biology of gambling addictions,...

Gambling addiction is not always as obvious as a drinking problem or a drug habit. There is no physical way to tell if someone has a gambling problem. Five Sure Signs of Gambling Addiction | Free By The Sea There’s no detectable smell of a casino on their breath, like there is when they’ve been drinking bourbon or beer. Gambling Addiction Treatment | Addiction Treatment | Moonview Like drug addiction or alcoholism, a gambling addiction can strike anyone. And just like substance abuse issues, gambling addicts will rarely admit they have a problem, and carry on with their destructive behavior in private. What Are The Most Common Symptoms Of A Gambling Addiction? The common symptoms of gambling addiction can cause your life to go downhill fast! There is no need for you to lose anymore. Get the help you need today!

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Gambling Addiction Runs in Families - Private Drug Rehab ...

How Is Gambling Addiction Similar To Cocaine Addiction?

Feb 25, 2016 ... Facebook Addiction Affects Brain Like Cocaine, Gambling: Study .... themselves off of Facebook compared to people who are addicted to drugs. The Ultimate Guide to Gambling Addiction - ADT Healthcare

The Surprising Similarities Between Gambling and Sex ...

What Are Gambling Addiction and Pathological Gambling ... A gambling addiction can be personally and financially debilitating. The risk of suicide among sufferers is high and necessitates addiction treatment. What Is a Gambling Addiction? Like a drug or alcohol addiction, a gambling addiction encompasses uncontrolled and problematic behavior. As such, it falls into a category of behavioral addictions ... Addiction - Wikipedia

How I Beat My Gambling Addiction | As a pathological gambler you don’t value money like the normal person — it doesn’t really mean anything to you. It’s purely something that enables you to keep playing.You have to remember that gambling addiction is like taking a drug that will eventually destroy your life. Is gambling an addiction like drugs? | ParentInfo